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Today’s Webinar2023-03-14T14:43:07-04:00

Sorry! There are no webinars scheduled today. Check webinar schedule here.

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Webinar Access FAQs

How do I get my certificate of completion for a webinar?2023-02-02T11:40:12-05:00

You must be able to receive emails from NoonPi in order to receive a certificate of completion. Please be certain that you have “white listed” or added us as a contact to your email program. If you use a corporate email address, please check with your IT department to be certain all emails from are delivered to you. (more…)

Why am I unable to connect to the webinar?2022-02-24T11:03:08-05:00

Please ensure that you have entered the email that you used to register. If you have misentered your email or entered an alternate email, you will be unable to connect. Because our webinars fill quickly, we are unable to accomodate last-minute registrations. If you have received an email confirmation of your registration, you can forward it to and we will assist you.

I’m unable to see or hear the webinar.2022-02-24T11:12:29-05:00

Refreshing your page will fix a majority of connectivity issues. If you are still having trouble, you can try a different browser or opening the webinar in an incognito tab. VPNs also cause occasional connectivity issues, so disabling your VPN may solve the problem. Alternatively, you can click on the audio options at the top of the presentation to connect via a telephone.

“This email is already in use.”2022-02-24T11:27:53-05:00

Ensure that you are not logged in on another device, tab, or browser. Try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in from an incognito window. If you are still receiving this error, please contact us for further assistance.

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