Healthier Buildings With Lower Energy Costs

Learn accessible and effective methods to improve the indoor air quality in buildings while simultaneously reducing energy costs.

Indoor air quality as a service

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Healthier Buildings with Lower Energy Costs

There has been a growing level of awareness around the importance of the indoor air quality that building occupants are exposed to every day. Policy and funding, public interest, and viral transmission rates are just some of the reasons for this enhanced interest. Having a fundamental understanding of accessible methods to improve air quality, therefore, is helpful to any engineer working with occupied buildings or structures.

This webinar is meant to help educate provide education on the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and building system principles, strategies, and standards that can help achieve a healthier occupied space and help reduce building energy costs.

What you’ll learn in just one hour:

  • The driving forces that are increasing the focus around Indoor Air Quality
  • The challenges associated with achieving ‘Good’ Indoor Air Quality
  • Mechanical and BAS Service opportunities for Improved IAQ and Energy Savings
  • How ventilation requirements demand control ventilation (DCV) relate to ASHRAE 62.1 and 90.1
  • Filtration technology and MERV/HEPA ratings
  • Indoor Air Quality and Energy Benefits of Ultraviolet Light in air systems
  • Importance of Building Pressure and Moisture Control
  • Benefits of monitoring IAQ & Occupancy and the power of data analytics

Benefits of Noon Pi webinars:

  1. You don’t have to leave your office. The entire training session is conducted from the convenience of your desk or meeting room.
  2. No fancy technology required. A computer or smart phone with a good Internet connection is all the equipment you need. Just log in and start learning.
  3. No wasted time. Our compact, one–hour sessions fit into the busiest of schedules. In no time, you’re back on the job using the wealth of relevant information you gained.
  4. Earn PDH credit. Webinars earn PDH credit for engineers in all states, unless noted otherwise in the literature for a specific webinar.  For more details, check your state requirements.
  5. You have nothing to lose. Noon Pi webinars are offered to engineers free of charge!

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