Online Course Hosting

Online Course Hosting

Offering free online courses for PDH credit is a great way to stay connected, improve brand awareness, and create goodwill with your existing and prospective clients.

The Challenge

Building your own learning management system (LMS) to host online courses for engineers is a daunting task. There are commercial LMS solutions in the marketplace, but they are not equipped to deal with the unique requirements of state engineering licensing boards.

Additionally, you’ll need to go through the arduous process of securing approval of your PDH program in all states, since many engineers hold licenses in multiple states. The last thing you want is to have a client’s certificate of completion rejected by a state licensing board.

The Solution

Let NoonPi create your own private, branded portal site where your clients can go to complete your online courses and earn PDH credit. The backbone of your portal site will be NoonPi’s learning management system, which was custom-built for the specific purpose of delivering PDH courses to engineers.

NoonPi’s programs are administered by and engineering PDH credits are awarded by our affiliated company, Professional Development Options (PDO). PDO is a board-approved engineering PDH provider in all states. You can rest assured that your courses hosted on your branded LMS will be accepted by every state engineering licensing board.

Some of the features of NoonPi’s LMS include:

  • Password-protected user login account
  • Course overview pages with learning objectives
  • Course delivery vehicle
  • “Timed and monitored” course functionality for Ohio engineers
  • Quiz engine with automated grading
  • Automated PDF certificate generator
  • My Account feature with ability to access both completed and in-progress courses
  • Archived storage of certificates of completion
  • User technical support handled by NoonPi (chat, email and phone support)
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