Content Development

Content Development

Quality educational content is a prerequisite for hosting PDH events. But, finding the time and the resources needed to create PowerPoints and online courses can be a challenge for busy industrial manufacturers.

The Challenge

You lack the resources needed to develop educational content for webinars, lunch & learns, and online courses. Your subject matter experts are busy supporting the business operations and do not have spare time to participate in the development of PowerPoint presentations and online courses. Third party marketing agencies are available to help with creating simple content, such as newsletters, articles, or social media posts. But, these agencies are ill-equipped to handle the task of creating a one hour slide presentation or online course that is suitable for awarding PDH credits to engineers.

Your lack of content prevents you from hosting PDH events for the engineers who are out in the marketplace looking for your industrial products.

The Solution

Outsource your content creation to NoonPi. We’ll create a slideshow presentation or online course for you using your existing articles, white papers, and other educational materials. NoonPi has the technical expertise and the experience needed to create educational content that meets state board PDH requirements for engineers.

Case Study:

Converting an Application Guide into Training Materials

NoonPi was recently hired by a Fortune 100 company to convert a 98-page Application Guide for HVAC equipment into training materials.

The client desired to host a 2 PDH lunch & learn presentation at engineering firms in various locations throughout the country using their local Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to deliver the presentation. Additionally, the client asked NoonPi to create a 2-part online course to allow engineers who missed the presentation to earn the PDH credits online.

Using the Application Guide for source material, NoonPi:

  • Created a 2 PDH slide presentation that included charts, graphs, tables and photos to help visually convey the material to the audience of engineers, as well as speaker notes to assist the SMEs who would be making the presentation.
  • Created a 2-part online course. Each module was designed as a standalone course, enabling the engineer to choose whether to complete either one or both courses.
  • Provided a client-branded portal site where engineers could access the course, complete the quiz and print their certificate of completion.
  • Submitted applications on behalf of the client and obtained engineering board approval of the slide presentation and the online courses in all states through NoonPi’s PDH Program Certification service.

The client was extremely pleased with the results and has since hired NoonPi to convert additional content into training materials.

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