How To Eliminate Flooring Failures

Taking preemptive actions to mitigate the risk of flooring failures is not only prudent, it is an ethical necessity. This webinar explores common flooring failures and provides a systematic approach to improved overall concrete placement.

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How to Eliminate Flooring Failures

Flooring failures can be disastrous and taking preemptive actions during specification and placement to mitigate the risk of flooring failures is not only prudent, but is an ethical necessity.

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the considerations for specifying concrete to receive floor coverings, with guidance on proper specification of concrete mix design, placement, and curing methods to secure a warranted floor covering system for the project. Special emphasis will be placed on the environmental concerns of product choice application technique and time savings in a systematic approach for improved overall concrete placement.

What you’ll learn in just one hour:

  • Identify and list some of the common flooring failures caused by moisture movement due to improper design, placement, and curing of the concrete

  • Describe the impacts of these flooring failures on human health, materials and labor costs, and delays and scheduling conflicts as remediation occurs

  • Discuss how improper water/cement ratio, mix design, placement, finishing, and curing can impact the moisture levels in concrete

  • Restate the importance of communication among all parties involved in flooring installation so that unhealthy, unsafe, and costly flooring failures can be prevented

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